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Marketing Portal.

This award-winning platform makes it easier than ever to access online services and discover Broker Network’s in-house marketing agency.

Marketing Toolkit

Aimed at both marketing novices and those with more of an understanding, the Toolkit is full of quick reads, tips, planning templates and video guides created to give you an insight into different areas of marketing.

From basic website management to when and how to use GIFs, you’ll find plenty of useful guidance and resources to apply to your day-to-day marketing as well as your more strategic plans.

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Content Library

Engage new audiences and increase traffic to your website with exclusive access to over 1000 articles, images and social media posts on the Content Library.

Written in-house, the mix of topical and evergreen insurance-related articles across of variety of categories is ideal for blogging, email communication and social sharing to promote both personal and commercial lines.


Explore past projects and campaigns designed and delivered for Premier Members by Broker Network’s Marketing Consultancy team, including full brand creation, end-to-end multi-channel campaigns, offline event concepts and bespoke websites.

Case Studies

An award-winning campaign and four members making it onto a “top insurance blogs to watch” – see how the Marketing Consultancy team worked closely with these Premier Members to help them meet their goals, and how other members took advantage of the Marketing Portal to achieve impressive web traffic results.

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